A thinking day

The morning started off with all of us over sleeping. The boys just weren't moving very quickly. When they finished breakfast we should have already have been loaded up and headed to church. So we decided that we will try next weekend. Then we just got ready to head to my parents home. I should take a moment to mention in our bedroom we have a clock that automatically sync the time. So while I was fixing my hair and make up I was amazed how well we were progressing. I was the last one to get ready to leave. So the boys had to pick up the toys they were playing with then we headed down and Josh commented that it was one o'clock already. I was shocked because I swore the clock had just said noon but maybe I had miss read it or it really took the boys an hour to pick up. Then I was surprised my mom hadn't called to check on where we were at. It wasn't until we were on our way to my parents house that I realized that the time changed happened last night. I wasn't even aware it was this weekend. So we did wake up early enough to go to church but just didn't realize it.

It was a fun day over at my parents home.

For those of you who don't know NASCAR was in DFW today. My dad watched the race today and we were discussing about when I used to race. It made me start thinking how different my life is then it was four years ago. I was single and really didn't think that I would ever get married or have kids let alone be a stay at home mom. I've decided that there are some things that I need to do differently.

Last week we watched a reality tv show where the couple were meeting with an estate lawyer and discussed what they need to do set up a will. Josh and I had talked about who we would take the boys if anything ever happened to us. We had decided to reevaluate if our feeling have changed or if we are still keeping with our original decision. We came up with the same answer that we did the first time. It is just tough because no matter what we decide we know that if something really did happen to us that nobody would raise the boys exactly the way that we would.