Weekend update

Saturday was crazy busy. My hair appointment was at noon. We had some errands to do in the morning. Luckily Ms. Najmeh was on time like always and Josh and I were off to help with Mark and Jen's wedding. My parents picked up the boys and brought them to the church. The boys were so adorable in their tuxedos. Can I just take a moment to say how wonderful the crayola color wonder markers and crayons are. At first the flower girl's mom wasn't going to let her daughter color but when she saw they were the color wonders she let the flower girl color with Ethan and it kept them busy until it was time to go down the isle. Mark and Jen actually trusted Ethan to carry their rings one the pillow. Ethan did great until he got almost to the front and started shaking the pillow and one of the rings fell off. So Ethan and Josh started to run after the ring and Josh was able to get it. Then Josh dropped the ring as he picked Ethan up. I know it sounds like chaos but it all happened so fast that most people didn't even notice anything happened. The wedding was absolutely beautiful.

Ethan did great during the pictures. Then again the flower girl's mom brought white M&M for the kids to bribe them with great smiles. It did work the kids did a great job.

Then it was party time!! Ethan and Preston were getting antsy during the dinner and speeches. Then it was time for the bridal party dance I asked the flower girl's mom if she was going to see if the kids would dance together and we figured we would try it. They were so cute dancing together. Ethan pretty much stayed on the dance floor the entire night until he discovered the photo booth. Several people came up and asked how old Ethan is and where did he learn all of his dance moves. Honestly I have no idea where he picked them up from but then again his favorite shows and movies are musicals so there are a lot of singing and dancing in them. Also the only prime time TV show that we allow are kids to see is So You Think You Can Dance. While Ethan was tearing up the dance floor Preston was in the stroller sleeping.

I got my first experience of trying to take off their tux while they were passed out and put them in their pjs. The tie was the hardest part because it was on a elastic band that had to be taken off over their heads. They were so tired that it didn't wake them up that much.

Sunday we went over to my parents house and we were very draggy. I couldn't believe how swollen my feet were after wearing heels for two days. I used to live in heels, I would wear heels while I was working a double shift waiting tables. I guess I'm going to have to start wearing heels again. We did get the last load of Christmas decorations out of storage but that was about all we did. The boys were tired and cranky. We did watch Toys Story 3 for the first time. Ethan got really scared during part of the movie so he cuddled up on my lap for me to protect him. Then in the middle of the night Ethan woke me up and asked if he could get in bed we us because he was scared of the monkey.

kids playing during the rehearsal
Josh's new hair

On the dance floor