Weekend update

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. However I was going over the receipt for Toys R Us and discovered that some of the toys that I had gotten at Midnight didn't go on sale till 5:00am so I was charged full price. So Josh and I headed back to a third Toys R Us in two days. They wouldn't give us the sale price so we just returned the items. Then we headed to Northern Tool and ended up spending a ton of money. They had everything at least 10% off.
Sunday we finished the last of the decorating at my parent's home. Returned the last bit of boxes back to storage and got the house organized. My grandmother stopped by for lunch and brought the sale ads. So we ended up going to Old Navy. Then Grandma Jennie went home. That is when I realized that Ethan hasn't had any accidents since Wednesday. That gave him three more days which earned him a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. The boys had a great time and we earned over 500 tickets. Ethan was so upset that we had to leave. We tried to explain to him that if he doesn't have an accident all week then next Sunday we can go back to Chuck E. Cheese and probably spend more time there.