18 Month check up!

This morning started off with all of us in the car. Preston's appointment was at 9:15. We dropped Josh off at 8:30. So I headed straight to the doctor's office after dropping Josh off. We are seeing the same doctor but we are going to a location that is closer to where we live now. So I've only been to this office once before. Good thing we had plenty of time because the office wasn't were I thought it was. I was on the right road just the wrong cross street. We got there still before 9:00 so I drove in a big circle and got back just a few minutes after nine. We went ahead and went in. The visit went well. Preston very rarely has a solid stool. It appears that he is having some sort of food absorption problem. The doctor is having me take Preston off all milk products and all juices. So all he can drink is soy milk, Gatorade, or water. It is going to be fun trying to keep Preston from drinking Ethan's juice or milk. Preston also got three shots today and his hemoglobin checked.
Height: 30in (3%) Weight: 20lb 10oz (1%) Head Circ: 18 1/4 (30%)
Preston is a little guy.

Then we went home for 30 minutes. Headed out to take Josh to swimming. While Josh was swimming we went to the park. Ethan had his first accident in a week. Then back home for a quick changed and clean up. Back to Josh to get him back to work. Ate lunch in the car. Preston laid down as soon as we got in, Ethan finished eating then he laid down for his nap. I don't know why but on Tuesdays the boys just won't go to sleep, however today wasn't nearly as bad as past Tuesdays nap times.

The boys swimming lessons went really well. While they were swimming I ran into Hallmark to buy this year's Christmas ornament. A family tradition that I sarted when Ethan was born is every year I buy and ornament and put their name and year on it. So when they grow up and have their first Christmas tree they are going to have special ornaments from their childhood.

Once we got home the boys were very excited about putting their ornament on the tree.