Another story time

This morning the boys just wanted to play with play-doh. Then they moved on to wanting to do the lessons.

Korri came over again today so that the boys could go to story time with Ms. Clause at Stonebriar Mall. However today's story time started at 1:00pm right at the beginning of the boys nap time. I hoped that Preston would nap in the stroller while Ethan enjoyed a story and that it wouldn't last long. What happened was Preston fell asleep on the way, but once I got him out of the car seat and in the stroller he was wide awake and cranky. Ethan was doing okay still at this point. So we got there after it started but I'm not sure how but Ethan still ended up right in front. I was in the back trying to keep the stroller moving so that Preston would fall asleep and Korri kept an eye on Ethan. Preston wasn't having anything to do with nap time so I took him to the playground that was near by. Normally he doesn't last long especially when he is tried. Next thing I know Korri comes running over to the playground chasing after Ethan. Apparently, he laid down and was starting to fall asleep right at Ms. Clause's feet. So Korri took him out of there. Once Ethan saw that I was already in the playground he got his second wind and was ready to play. There were some older kids in the playground area that were jumping from the different structures and of course Ethan had to try too. In his first attempt I saw him climb up and I got to him and took him down and told him not to do that again he could get hurt. Then Preston was over the playground and just wanted to ride around in the stroller. While I was walking around the exterior of the playground Ethan made a second attempt to jump and Korri wasn't able to stop him fast enough. Of course Ethan fell down and bumped his knee. So we loaded him in his stroller. I took him to the bathroom to check out how seriously he was injured. There wasn't any broken skin or swelling, and he was able to fully move his leg. So I didn't see any reason to rush to the nearest ER. As we were walking back Ethan saw the Lego store and wanted to go in. We walked in and he demanded to get out of the stroller and started screaming at me to do so. I told him to stop or we would leave. He proceeded to get louder so we left. We tried to go to a couple other places but it was apparent that the boys just needed to take their nap. As we headed home both boys fell asleep, but woke up once we got home. That is when the real fun began. Neither boy was going down easily so I had to separate them. Preston was out shortly after he was left alone. Ethan however but up the biggest fight to date eventually he fell asleep unfortunately it was at 4:00. So I woke the boys up at 5:00 to get them ready to leave to pick up Josh and let me tell you it was all sorts of fun dealing with two cranky boys. Got home fixed dinner and when we were finishing up my parents arrived to help finish the tree. The boys had just settled down and was watching Beauty and the Beast very quietly. Just seeing my parents the boys were full of energy again. *sigh*

Once again the boys didn't want to go to bed. Ethan thought it was fun to play the lets keep Preston awake game by talking to him. So I let Ethan get up and help decorate the tree. Once again Preston was able to go to sleep after being left alone. Then I had Ethan lay back down. It still wasn't easy to get him to fall asleep but at least he was out by 10:00. Which was when Josh had to get to bed because he has a seriously busy weekend ahead.