Another swimming day

The boys are full of energy this morning. Then Ethan found his new hidden puzzle books from Highlights and wanted to do the puzzles. Preston just wanted to color. Then Ethan's favorite TV show came on Super Why which is all about building reading skills. While the boys were watching I got our picnic ready.

We ran to take Josh to his swimming lesson. Then Josh requested that I go to the library and drop of some over due material. I wasn't thinking and after Josh got to swimming we headed to the library. The boys had fallen asleep by the time we got to the playground and we only had ten minutes before we had to pick Josh back up. So the boys just played till it was time to go. After we dropped Josh off I decided that an indoor picnic would be best so we spread the blanket out and ate in the family room. The boys had a lot of fun and apparently got to wired because it was impossible to get them to take their naps today.

Next thing I know it is time to head out again to get Josh and take the boys to swimming. I'm starting to think that Ethan really is fully potty trained because he isn't needing assistance going and hasn't had any accidents for about a week. At swimming Ethan was in the pool for about three minutes before he needed to go potty. After Ethan went he didn't want to get back into the pool. First he didn't want to put his bathing suit back on because it was to wet. I just happened to put a spare suit in the swim bag so I put him into a dry suit. Eventually he got into the pool and had a great time. I really don't know why he was in such a mood when we first got to swimming. Preston had a great lesson.

After swimming we headed to REI for some birthday gifts for Josh. Ethan had an accident on the way to the store so he ended up having to wear a pair of Preston's pants. At the store Ethan was great, Preston on the other hand started off just pointing to different things and saying what they were loudly like bike, shoe, hats, etc. Then Preston started trying to grab everything and started screaming when I wouldn't let him have it. So Preston and I headed back to the van while Josh and Ethan finished shopping. Of course once we got in the van he calmed down and just sat in his chair calmly till everyone else got into the van.