boring day!

The boys just played with their new toys. Ethan didn't want to take his nap again today. After we picked Josh up from work we meet up with my mom for dinner and went shopping. We only had enough time to go to one store. Then home and bed.

I do have some updates, Preston is finally having some solid stools. It looks like the removing all dairy is making a difference because the other morning Ethan and Preston swapped drinks and the loose stools returned. Since Preston isn't having the issues that he had he is starting to grow. It is amazing how it seems like everything has milk in it. Then there are times we just forget to check the packaging and that just leads to bad things. I'm glad that he isn't in daycare right now because I don't know how his teachers would make sure that he didn't eat off the other kids plates or having to deal with Preston throwing a fit because he doesn't get to eat what the other children are having. Not to mention the cupcakes for kids birthdays he wouldn't be able to have. I know that when he starts going to school we are going to have issues.

Ethan seems to have the potty figured out now. He is going by himself. We just have to remind him sometimes to put his underwear on or we have to turn his pants and underwear around. I really don't what the magic was to get him to start going but even in the middle of the night he will take himself we just have to leave the bathroom light on.