Christmas day!

I woke the boys up at 7:30 because my grandmother was suppose to be over at 8:00. The boys went in and woke up my parents. They we already awake just hadn't gotten out of bed yet.

The out to the living room. We normally open our stocking while we are waiting for people to arrive, but this year since the boys got so many big items there were a couple of over flow items in the living room too. The boys first went to the toy my sister and her husband got them. It is a basically a doll house for boys. It is a fire and police station. Then after awhile the boys saw the keyboard and the electronic drum set. Then we opened the stockings. Finally the turkey got in the oven and breakfast was eaten. We started to go to the family room. There was wrapping paper flying everywhere. We had to keep a close eye on the boys to make sure they didn't open other peoples presents.

 A little later  Santa Clause came and gave the boys a couple more presents. Ethan was so excited and climbed right up on St. Nick's lap. Preston wasn't so sure and started crying when we put him on Santa's lap.

The boys heads about exploded with all the new toys. Some how we were able to get Preston to take a nap, however Ethan was not about to fall asleep. At one point Ethan climbed into Preston's play yard and woke him up.

Christmas was a wonderful day that was filled with family and friends.