Christmas Eve

The boys were so excited to wake up at Nana and Papa's home. My dad waits till Christmas Eve to even start shopping for my mom. He loves to get her a gag gift then a really nice gift. This year at Josh's office party we got an electric bug zapper that looks like a small tennis racket. A few years ago at my Aunt's house she had a similar bug zapper. My mom didn't believe that it was powerful enough to really kill a bug so she had to touch it. So she got zapped. It was so funny.

After breakfast my dad and I headed out. Our first stop was at the Honey Baked Ham store. The line was crazy but the craziest part was the strip center it is in was completely without power. The store handled the situation almost like nothing was wrong. The it was on to the rest of the shopping. We got back home at almost 5:00.
I helped finish up the rest of the baking for Christmas morning. We had dinner. The boys played a little bit. We kept checking the Santa Tracker that was on my parents cable, bath time, then the boys went to bed.

We finished up the wrapping early because we had such a head start the night before.