I was up way to late last night

Josh has some side projects and he told me that he had a deadline this morning. Last night he put the boys down for bed and fell asleep on the floor between their beds. I woke him up then got myself ready for bed. When I laid down there was Josh asleep again. So I kicked him out of bed to work on his projects. I was just about to drift off and heard Josh snoring. *sigh* Then I went to the family room and woke him up again. Then I ended up staying up till 4:30am while he worked. Around midnight Preston woke up crying and needed a new diaper. Then Ethan woke up and had an accident. I guess I bragged a little to early about Ethan finally being potty trained. At least we got a lot of shows cleaned off the DVR.

Shocking we over slept this morning. We rushed around to get Josh to work. On the way home Ethan asked if they could go to the park. Since we were all bundled up and they only got ten minutes yesterday I figured it wouldn't hurt. At one point Ethan need to go potty and he dribbled a little on this underwear and pants so we came home to put him in drier clothes.

My mom came over while the boys were napping so that we could do some shopping. Ethan was so adorable when he woke up because he wasn't waking up till I said that Nana is here. Ethan shot out of bed and said, "I got to go" then while he was going down the stairs he was saying, "Nana up here, come look over here"

We hit a couple of stores then picked up Josh. Hit another store then home for dinner.