More Decorating

Ethan came down stairs then came running back upstairs saying the ball pit, the ball pit. I asked him what was going on and he was going 90 to nothing about the ball pit is in the middle of the room and there is a Christmas tree. Then he asked if Santa was coming today.

Since today is Dec 1 we started a new theme. The boys were super excited.

They tested the weather sirens today and when they first started going off it scared the boys and I for a second. I so love the announcement sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher when all the windows and doors are closed. I can understand them once a door is open but there is nothing more fun then having your kids in the bathroom while you are hanging out the door trying to hear the directions during a storm.

A couple of months ago one of the lessons we had was about hand washing. I used glitter to show how germs spread. Ethan was going threw the boxes of decorations so he had gotten glitter on his hands. Ethan freaked out and was saying he needs to wash his hands because there are germs on it.

While the boys were napping my mom came over. That is when the fun really began. My pre-lit tree has been in storage for a few years. This is the first time that we have put up a Christmas tree in three years. We had added lights to the tree before it went into storage. So when we first plugged it in we noticed there were a few strands out and a few of the added strands that were hanging down but overall it wasn't bad. My mom brought over my parents light repair kit. I started trying to get the lights working and was able to get some of the light working relatively quickly.  Then I couldn't get anymore of the lights working because the lights were failing where a couple of the wires had been spliced together. The lights that had been added were in the way and weren't on very well so I had to remove most of them. Then the other section of pre-lit lights were not working at all so I ended up pulling them off as well. So after the kids went to bed Josh went and bought more lights.

Nana reading a bed time story