My kids are going to be nerds. Last year we got a Wii but we didn't really have any games so it didn't get used much. This year for Christmas we got several games and the boys found the games this morning and wanted to play. So the morning was full of playing video games. I'm the worst mom ever to let my 3 year old and 19 month old to play video games. The main two games they played were about learning and Just Dance Kids.

Sigh. So every mom knows that when you are the only one watching the kids that when you are going to the bathroom is when the kids are going to get into something they shouldn't. While I was busy we had our first Thank goodness it was just a glass ball and not one of our special ornaments.

The boys actually went down for their naps without issue. So I actually got to sit down and eat lunch. It was craziness. While I was eating I planned out what I would do while the boys were sleeping. I had just started on my list then I heard Preston crying.*sigh* so much for my plans, both boys were wide awake and nap time didn't even last an hour.

Back to more video games, the afternoon was mostly Go Diego Go and Nickelodeon Fit. I do have to say that the Nickelodeon games are better done for Ethan's age level then the Disney games that we have.

After dinner we headed over to Ikea. They are having a sale right now. I do have say that I was disappointed in how little they actually had on sale but the stuff that was on sale were really great prices. I haven't been their since they had finished remodeling. The boys had a great time playing in the kids rooms and we got some great ideas about toy storage. Which was the main reason that we went.

After the boys went to bed. Josh went for a run and I thought about my list from earlier but Epic Mickey was calling my name. I'm starting to think that having the Wii set up might not be a good idea.