On the eve of Christmas Eve

This morning when we were taking Josh to work we stopped at Einstein Bros. and got the boys some holiday bagel bites. Preston loved them and kept saying "mmmm" while he was eating. Ethan on the other hand liked the way they tasted, he just didn't like the sticky on his hands. It was weird driving Josh to work this morning because there wasn't hardly anyone on the roads. On the way home the boys and I made some stops to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We went to Pet Smart to get a small gift for my brother's cat, which used to be my cat. The boys were so adorable looking at all the fish and other animals. I'm just glad the only animal that Ethan asked to bring home was a goldfish. They loved the birds and Ethan loved looking at the turtle.

I talked to Ms. Korri and she was willing to come over and watch the boys so that I could finish up my last minute shopping. I had forgotten how much easier it is to shop without the boys. Didn't have to pull out the stroller or hunt down a shopping cart before I unloaded the boys. It was so nice just to park and jump out and be able to move down an isle without taking up the whole isle.

Once I got home Preston was awake from his nap and in a great mood. Ethan woke up a little later. Picked up Josh, then finished getting packed.

After the boys went to sleep we started wrapping presents so that we won't be up all night on Christmas Eve.