On the road again!

Ethan woke up saying that he wanted to play video games. *sigh* I don't know if we are going to keep the Wii hooked up. I made him eat breakfast before he could play. After about an hour he was over playing video games and started playing with his puzzles. Preston had been put in the play yard while Ethan was playing the video games because Preston kept trying to take the game out, or pull the sensor off the TV, and you can't forget the trying to push Ethan off the balance board while he was playing. After Ethan finished playing video games Preston was content with the toys that are in the play yard so I just let him play. I actually got some laundry and dishes done this morning with out a million interruptions.

Ms. Korri called saying that she is having a lazy day. I guess there is just something in the air because we are having a lazy day also.

The kids actually went down fairly easy for their naps today and slept the entire time. I couldn't believe it. Ethan however did have an accident while he was asleep.

The afternoon started off with video games then quickly moved to snack time. Then snack time morphed into play-doh. While the boys were occupied I was running around trying to get everything ready to go over to my parents home.

We were almost to my parents home when Ethan said that he need to use the potty. He was able to hold it till we got him to my parents home and on the toilet. I was pretty excited that he is getting to be so dependable about using the toilet.