Play date

This morning we went to the paint me a story at Color me mine. The boys made a really cute mug. I was really impressed how well Preston did on his own but I did help him a little.  I didn't hardly help Ethan at all. Ethan's little girl friend was there too. After wards, his girlfriend and her mom came over for a play date. Preston was starting to really get fussy. So I went ahead and put him down for a nap. Our guest left about 2:00 and as soon as I closed the door Preston let me know that he was awake. About an hour later Ethan was just sitting on the couch. I gave him a pillow and a blanket and he laid down and fell asleep a second later. Then Preston realized that Ethan was asleep, so Preston decided to wake him up. At that point I moved Ethan to his room. Ethan was really exhausted because I tried to wake him up several time and just had to carry him to the car to pick up Josh from work. We had on a couple of Christmas movies on last night. Then we heard a loud pop and the light and fan stopped working in the living room. That is when Josh remembered that this morning the fan was smoking. Looks like we are going to be shopping for a new fan but Josh isn't going to be able to install it until after his back starts feeling better.