Sunday, December 12, 2010

Skating with Santa and Celebrating Josh's Birthday

Josh let me sleep in. Once I got up it was time to work on the outside Christmas decorations. We only got part of them up before it was time for us to pick up the boys.

We got the boys and headed to ice skating with Santa at the Dr. Pepper Stars center in Frisco. Ethan fell asleep on the way. Ethan was a little groggy once he first woke up. He had no interest in skating with Santa. So we checked out the food they had. The boys just wanted a bag of chips. We kept trying but we couldn't even get Ethan into the skates. So we gave up and left to pick up the birthday cake for Josh's and Mike's birthday celebration. The cake place is inside Stonebriar center just outside the skating rink there. This is where Ethan took his lessons. Josh jumped out of the car to run in. Ethan was saying now he wants to go ice skating. *sigh* to late we are on our way. 

After sitting in traffic for over an hour we finally got to David & Busters. The boys were over sitting still since they have been strapped to their seats since 1:00. Preston kept going back and forth between my dad and myself. Once the food got to the table I held on to Preston till someone else was done eating. We tried to play games but it turned into chase the boys around.

Once we were able to get everyone together, we headed over to my brother's home to open presents. The boys just wanted to play with all the electronics. So we ended up leaving shortly after Mike and Josh opened their birthday presents.