Friday, December 10, 2010

Story time

Korri let me know last night that she wasn't going to be able to join us today. So that means I'm taking the boys to story time on my own.

We got to the library a couple of minutes late but we were still able to get in while they were singing the shake the wiggles out song. The boys did great during story time they were both participating. Ethan did get a little loud but he was saying the answers to the questions. After wards we were able to pick out books for both the boys and return what we checked out last time. Ethan even got a few minutes on the computer. It was time to go so that the boys could have their normal lunch time and nap times.

It is nice not having to run around anymore today. I just feel like we are never home.

The boys spent the afternoon painting.

Then it was time to pick up Josh and do a quick run to the store. Yesterday my mom and I saw some 5lb bags of potatoes for .79. My mom asked if I could go back and pick some up for her and my grandmother. I needed a couple of other things. While we were walking the boys saw the fresh fruit and vegetables and their heads about exploded. They both were yelling apples. So we told them that if they would quite down we would go back and they could each pick out some fruit. *sigh* most parents have to bribe their kids to be good with toys we just have to use fruit. We ended up with some apples, bananas, oranges, and broccoli.

At dinner Ethan only wanted the fruit and broccoli. Preston ate a little of everything. Then we had dinner cleaned up and we still had an hour before bed time. The boys were bouncing off the walls. I figured that Ethan hasn't had skates on for a while and we had skating with Santa on Saturday that tonight would be a perfect night for him to practice. Preston wanted to skate too. So he kept trying to push Ethan down and take his skates. We eventually got Preston interested in playing with something else.

Bath time then off to bed.