Swiming Tuesday

The boys woke up in a worst mood then when they went to bed. So I don't know how we were able to get them dressed and out the door so that I could drop Josh off at work. At least the boys calmed down while I was driving.

The boys just wanted to lay around this morning.

So we did quite activities this morning. It was nice and calming. Then we picked Josh up to take him to swimming. Today I decided that we would come back home then go pick him up again. The boys fell asleep during all the running around. Of course they woke up when I brought them in. I don't understand why they haven't napped yesterday and today. They are so  tired but that is when they fight it the most. They finally took their naps at 3:30.

Then it was time to wake up and head out to swimming. Ethan was the only kid in his class so he got lots of swimming time. Apparently he got a little to much time because he needed to go potty but then didn't want to get back in the pool.

After dinner we were playing a modified red light green light game. Then I got tired of running so I became the tickle monster. Ethan was running away from me and was trying to squeeze between Josh and the couch and I'm not sure what happened next but Ethan ended up with a fat lip. So he got a freezer pop and we sat down and found some Christmas specials on TV.

After the boys went to sleep then I got the playroom ready for the Christmas tree. So we started putting that up last night. I'm going to take a moment to say that I'm starting to not hate our hardwood floors. The previous owners thought the floors were really hardwood floors so they would spray a hardwood floor cleaner on it (we have a 200oz refill if any one wants it) but since they aren't real hardwood floors it just made the floors really dull and would attract dirt. I was having to sweep twice a day and they were still looking dirty. Not to mention when I tried to clean them it just made the floors streak and you could see foot prints on it. Since I've been steaming the floors the residue is coming up so they don't streak anymore or seem to attract the dirt like it has been.