Very Sleepy Monday.

Josh took the car to work so that the boys and I could sleep in. I went ahead and got the boys up because we need to get them back on schedule as soon as possible. They went straight to playing with the kitchen set and the train table. Eventually I was able to get them in the kitchen to eat breakfast. Post breakfast it was play-doh time then back to playing with the train table and kitchen set. I then got the boys' doll house set up and that got put into the mix.

Ethan didn't fall asleep until after Preston woke up. That was very frustrating. Then I couldn't get Ethan to wake when it was time to pick Josh up from work.

The evening was fairly quite. Ethan was impossible to get to sleep. Josh went for a run tonight came home everything was fine. When we went to put the garbage out one of our lawn decorations was missing. Part of it was found in the road but the lighted part was gone. At least whoever took it left the extension cord. I just makes me so mad that someone would do something like that. I guess I just don't understand what motivates some people.