Where is the "at-home" part of stay-at-home-mom?

The boys and I dropped Josh of at work. Then we finished up the theme from yesterday. We were feeding the snowman special snowman food aka marshmallows. Ethan would throw a couple in the bucket that had the snowman on it then he would eat a couple. Preston was doing great feeding the snowman. Once I got tired of the game and had put the marshmallows up. I had Preston eat one. He still had a hand full and crammed them into his mouth. He looked like he was playing chubby bunny.
Then Korri come over and we loaded back up and went to the library for story time. The boys were very well behaved at the library. Then we ran around doing errands. First we went to Color Me Mine where I picked up Ethan's art project.
Not bad for a three year old
Next was the Frisco Athletic Center to see if there were tickets left for the breakfast with Santa. Sadly there wasn't. However there were still tickets for skating with Santa so I went ahead and got them. The boys had fallen asleep in the van so instead of waking them up I decided to drop Korri off and head out to where my parents live.

Preston is going to have his first hair cut. There is only one person who I trust to do that and it is my hair dresser I used all through high school and college. While we were there Ethan got his hair cut too.
After - No more mad scientist hair

Look I have eyes again

Then we went to my parent home for a few minutes then it was time to go pick Josh up from work.

Dinner then we took the boys for a walk. We bundled them up and headed out for an hour. Josh is planning on walking a half marathon this weekend so he needed to do some training for it. We managed to do three miles. I realized how out of shape I am.