White Rock Marathon!!

The morning started off with us over sleeping. So when I rolled over and saw that it was 5:30 Josh and I shot out of bed and started getting getting ready for the day. Thank goodness I had stayed up till 1:00 getting all the clothes laid out and everything together for the day. So we were able to get going at 6:15 because Josh is suppose to be at Fair Park in Dallas at 7:00 and with 22,000 people participating I figured there was going to be some traffic. However I was not prepared for the amount of traffic we did encounter. We got near fair park so Josh ended up just jumping out of the car and walking the rest of the way to the fair grounds so he was only 30 minutes late. I'm sure there were several people who missed their start time because of how bad the traffic was. Then I headed to my parents home. I arrived by 8:00 and was able to watch the beginning of the race. My parents were wonderful enough to take both boys to church with them. Then I headed back to see Josh run. I ended up finding a spot between mile 6 and 7. Josh was really nervous about even doing the run because a few weeks ago he had injured himself during a training run and hadn't been able to work out like he should have. He wasn't sure that he would be able to walk the half marathon and realized yesterday that the track that was just for the half marathon would start reopening at noon. When I saw him he was looking really strong his foot was bothering him. Then I started to head back to the finish line. I took another look at the half marathon route and thought that I could do one more stop to see Josh run. So I decided to head to Baylor. However I failed to look at the full marathon path so road that I tried to turn onto was blocked. *sigh* so I ended up driving around the entire marathon in the marathon traffic so by the time I got back to Fair Park, park, and find a place near the finish line I missed Josh running past. The good news is Josh finished the race running and finished in less time then he estimated that it was going to take him. Words can not describe how proud I am that he was able to do the half marathon. His next goal is to do a full marathon.

We went back to my parents house to get the boys and to visit with my parents and grandmother. Once we got there Ethan was watching his new favorite movie at my parent's home Robots. Now he is running around saying "Great Gigabites" Ethan is defiantly related to us. Preston was put down for a nap. After Ethan's movie finished he laid down too. Then my dad put on a movie that wasn't rated G. I believe it was the Soloist. We only got to see about an hour of it but it looks like it is something that we are going to have to get. Then we went to dinner with my parents and Patti and Sam.

Overall it was a good weekend just very tired now.