A 2010 a year in review!

I can't believe how different my life is this year then last year. I also can't believe how quickly the year flew by. If you would have ask me if we would have been living in our own home, my answer would have been no because we had a five year plan before we bought one. If you would have asked me if I would be a stay at home mom, my answer would again was no because I would tear my hair out if I was with the boys all the time.

I would say right now I wouldn't change a thing in my life. Okay I would love to be a few pounds lighter. Overall, I have no complaints.

Plans that I have for the upcoming year. I'm hoping that we can evict the bunny that is living in our shed. Finding a great preschool for Ethan. Remodeling parts of our home and really decorating. Getting better organized. I hoping to get the boys enrolled in more classes like ice skating, gymnastics, baseball, and soccer. Getting a membership to Frisco Athletic Center. Getting to spend more time with extended family. Really how terrible is going to Disney Land? Or to the coast okay  Galveston isn't the prettiest coast in the world but it is still a beach. I would love to have another stamp in my passport before it expires in 2011. Maybe we can plan to go on a cruise. Maybe we could even get a camping trip in this year. So it is going to be interesting next year to see how many things will be crossed off the list.

I'm also thinking about starting my own business. Hopefully I'll have it set up in the next couple of weeks. Josh is worried that means the boys are going back to daycare. I told him that is the greatest part about me being the boss is the kids can go to work with me. We are just going to have to see how things work out.

Most of all Happy New Years from the Varner family!!!