Fridgit Friday

This morning we were below freezing in North Texas. I decided that we were going to spend the day indoors.

The morning was spent running around and playing with Play-Doh. Then lunch time came. I decided that we would try chicken taquitos.  Preston just started eating them up right away. Ethan started throwing a fit. *sigh* I really wish he would move past this picky eater faze. I was finally able to get him to try it but still it was like trying to pull teeth to get him to eat.

Nap time was a joke again today. Just when Ethan fell asleep, Preston woke up. It was back and forth the entire nap time.

The afternoon was more Play-Doh for Ethan. Preston was all about the manga doodle.

The phone drama is over! Josh was able to upgrade his phone so I got his old phone. I have a phone again!