Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 1-1-11

I've heard of fly lady before and I've started to go through the sets before but this morning I actually joined. So I will let you guys know if I ever achieve a spotless home and maintain it.  I do have to say the number of emails they send you can be overwhelming. The website when you sign up warns you about the number of emails. I do like that one of them is a daily challenge for kids. They do give you a ton of information and check list but as long as I take it a little at a time because everything can't be done at once. Today is going to bed with a clean sink, that I know I can manage. 

I can't believe there is still snow on the ground here. I'm hoping that it will melt away today but I guess we will see. My sister informed me that I have more snow in my yard then she does in Chicago. Thanks I really needed to know that. :-) At least the road are dry so it is easy to get around.

This morning we worked on picking up all of the boys toys that are in the playroom and living room. Okay what really happened was I would put something away and they would be right behind me to take it out again. *sigh* but I did make some progress while the boys put on a concert for me.

Today was the last day of this session of swimming, after today we are going to be moving to another night and time. Overall the boys did well. Ethan is ready to move up to the next class and we were asked  to bring Preston in on Saturday to be a guinea pig for a training class.

My sink is cleaned. and I was able to do all of the mini challenges from flylady. It looks like I might be on track to have a home cleaner than my parent's home. Okay I can dream right?