A new school?

This morning Ethan did a trial day at the preschool that we are considering. Ethan went into his class and started playing with the other kids. Preston was the one that had an issue with Ethan being left.

Korri stopped by after I got back from the preschool. We just hung out and talked. It was really great getting to spend some time with her today.

Then it was back to the preschool so that Josh and I could do a tour. We were really impressed with the program. We didn't sign Ethan up because we wanted to find out what Ethan thought. There was still an hour before it was time to pick Ethan up. So I returned Josh to work and came back. While I was waiting for Ethan's class to finish another family was there waiting to pick up their son. They love the school and have been going there since August. Ethan was going ninety to nothing about his morning. Tomorrow I'm going to get Ethan signed up but we won't have him start till February.

The afternoon the boys just wanted to paint and color. After we picked Josh up from work it was off to get my phone fixed. *sigh* turns out that it is dead. Who knew that letting Preston us it as a chew toy was a bad idea. What it was more that Preston pulled it out of my purse and I didn't know he had it.

Just chilling