New Swimming Class

This morning the boys woke up early but we were able to get them to fall back asleep so that we were able to get another hour of sleep. I'm still really tired because I only got four hours of sleep last night. *sigh* oh well. At least Josh finally decided to see a doctor to figure out if he is going to survive. It turns out that he will live another day. He doesn't have the plague after all, just viral bronchitis. So he stayed home again today.

This morning the boys spent most the time coloring and painting. Which was good because I just didn't have it in me to chase them around. I was able to get the last two boxes of Christmas presents put away.

Ethan didn't want to take his nap today so by the time he fell asleep there was only about 30 minutes before Preston woke up. Of course Preston woke up early. So I didn't get a lot done around the house again today.

This afternoon was all about running around. It is nice that our new swimming class is later so we were able to have dinner before swimming.

Since Josh is sick, I got in the water with Preston. I really like Preston's new teacher. Since it was the first class and there were a lot of new babies in the class the teacher took her time to explain the different stations and what to expect from their babies during the session. Preston got bored so he would just float on his back or climb out of the pool and jump in, I'm sure the other parents thought that Preston and the teacher planned it because he was doing everything just as she went to explain that activity.

Ethan's new class was a little different he didn't want to go to the new teacher. Then he decided that he needed to use the restroom but once he came back he was okay with the new teacher. I guess he saw how much fun the other child was have and he wanted to join in.