Running Fever!

All week I've been trying not to get sick. Well this morning I woke up with fever. *sigh* So Josh has been amazing and watching the boys so that I can get some rest and hopefully get over whatever I have.

I think Ethan is about to have a growth spurt because all he wanted to do was eat this morning. Normally getting Ethan to eat is pretty challenging. Preston was pretty quite just played and watched TV. He was just acting really sleepy this morning.

Josh made me lay down while the boys were taking their nap. While I was forced to lay down I took the laptop with me and I planned my afternoon shopping trip. I also found out that some of Josh's friends were planning on going to see Tron in 3D, I told them that Josh would be there. Then I let Josh know that he was going out with his friends tonight. He wasn't to happy that I was forcing him to go out tonight because I'm not feeling well but I can handle the kids even with a fever. Then he made me return to bed.

I did take a little nap because the next thing I knew the boys were awake. I made my trip to Walgreens. I am pretty impressed with myself. I spent 54.80 and saved 54.19 and got 18 in register rewards to be used next time I go.

Josh was going to the restroom and Ethan was in there driving him nuts. I thought it was funny because that is what I have to deal with all the time.

Josh headed out to have dinner with his friends. The boys and I just had a quite evening.