This morning started off early! 5:30 to be exact. Even with Josh being sick he got up with the kids but by 7:00 he was done and I got up so he could lay back down. Josh came back down a little later for some breakfast then returned to the bedroom.

It looks like the boys and I are on our own today. The boys are starting to get cranky because of how tired they are but I'm trying to get them to go down for their naps at their normal time. Thank goodness for Cailou because he calmed the boys down so that I could make something for lunch.

My parents came over while the boys and I were playing outside. Poor Preston woke up from his nap early and started getting cranky. I put on his favorite movie so he and Papa sat down to watch it. Ethan heard it and came in to watch it too. Half way threw the movie Josh came down from his nap and found all of us asleep on the couch. Once the movie ended we decided it was time for dinner. I suggested my new favorite restaurant Casa Rita. It is the place that I went with Jen during girls night. The wait was about an hour so we decided to move on. I was completely bummed.