It was a day!

This morning started off with me being off. It was just one of those mornings that I just couldn't get my act together. Then once I felt like I was getting everything together I got hit with a bunch of bad news. My dad's heart is only functioning at 30%. My dad is going to have to have surgery soon. The spot on my grandmother's face is cancer. That spot is going to have to be removed. *sigh* Josh is still sick. He went back and forth about going into work today. I told him that sometimes getting up and going helps you get over the crud but if he starts feeling worst that he needs to come home.

This afternoon, I had just gotten the boys to sleep. Was getting ready to take my shower when I heard someone walking around. Assuming it was Ethan playing around I came out of the bedroom. Instead of seeing a three year old playing, there was a man with his back to me. I screamed and jumped back. The shadowy figured also jump and swung around. I let out a little sigh, realizing that it was Josh standing there. He was startled because he was expecting me to be in the boys room. Turns out that one of Josh's coworkers that has all the same symptoms was just diagnosed with the flu.

Preston started getting really cranky this evening. We took his temperature and it was 99.5. It looks like he is getting sick too.

Josh and I were talking and it seemed like there were a couple of presents from Christmas that we didn't see anywhere. We did some digging in the garage and found TWO more boxes full of presents. Thank goodness one box was small and the other had mostly board games and books.
In other news, it looks like we are going to enroll Ethan into a preschool. We are going to tour the school on Thursday just to make sure. This isn't a normal preschool it specializes performing arts everyday they have music, art, dance, and theater. It is a half day program  that we are probably going to do three days a week. I'll keep you posted to see what happens.

Grocery savings: So I'm actually a little bummed about how much I spent today. Not that it was a terrible amount or that my over all savings weren't great (45% of my total bill). Just if I would actually go shopping every week I know that my bill would have been about $15 this week, instead I ended up spending 37.54 (for those who are bad at math I saved $31.04). Just because I needed to stock up on things because my cupboards was bare. Then again $37.54 really is pretty impressive to feed a family of four on. I was just so motivated by that extreme couponing show that I saw. I do need to just start going every week. With the boys swimming class on Wednesdays now hopefully Tuesdays will be my shopping night.