Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can I please get a break???!!!

This morning was soccer. During Preston's class Ethan fell of the bleachers on to a concrete floor. At first Ethan seemed fine. He even participated in his own soccer class. Ethan did sit down for a little while but then returned to class. On the way home Ethan started crying about his head hurting. At that point I called the doctor and made an appointment. As soon as I got of the phone he started getting sick. At that point I called the doctor's office back to cancel the appointment and was headed to the nearest hospital. When I told the receptionist what was going on she immediately had me speak to a nurse and she had me come in to the office. I picked Josh up on the way. He help keep Ethan away on the way to the doctor's office and to keep Ethan talking. Once we got to the office, Josh changed Ethan's clothing and we cleaned him up the best we could. While we were in the waiting room Ethan started running around and playing. They did get Ethan in to see the doctor very quickly. Once the doctor was in the room Ethan was acting like nothing was wrong at all. The doctor checked him out and said that he didn't see anything to be concerned about. Just monitor him if anything changes let his office know.

Ethan was acting fine in the afternoon so we took him to the make up swimming lesson.