Can the police please leave me alone?????

This morning I made Josh drive to work, then I drove Ethan to daycare. Preston and I went to the bank for a new debit card and cash to cover all of the government agencies we were going to visit. Yesterday I tried to update my license online but the router died in the middle of the process. When I tried to get back in to try again, the website wouldn't let me. So Preston and I headed out for a new license. I finally finished everything in two hours. But before I could take care of the car registration, I had to pick up Ethan. On the way back to the tax office I got pulled over. I explained to the officer that I got pulled over yesterday and got a ticket and I was on the way to fix it. I showed him my paper license and told him that I was working on that this morning. He let me go with a warning. At the tax office it only took a few minutes. On my way back home I got pulled over again!!! Seriously, I thought PD in my hometown were bad but they got nothing on Frisco PD.

The afternoon the boys and I spent getting house picked up because we are having friends over tonight.

We hosted a poker party. It was so much fun to everyone over. I think it is something that we are going to do at least once a month again.