Finally Ethan's first day of preschool

I'm so excited that Ethan is getting to start his new preschool today. He was actually suppose to start last week but do to the terrible weather his school was closed last week. I took him to the class that I was told to take him to for his trial day. From there I got redirected to take him to the theater class. Okay I guess every day the kids start in a different room but I was under the impression that they start in the same location everyday. Preston was upset to be leaving Ethan but once we got home and he got to play with just me, Preston didn't want to pick Ethan back up.
Preston actually did great helping pick up all the toys up. We were able to get the playroom, living room, and the boys bedroom all picked up while Ethan was at school.

When I picked Ethan up I was informed that Ethan had actually spent the day in the wrong class room. Apparently, there was another Ethan that was suppose to do a trial day today. I don't know why they didn't have my Ethan go into the correct classroom when they discovered that he was in the wrong class. When I got home I realized that I had two missed calls from the preschool. The first one was left at 10:30 asking when we were going to have Ethan start. Then second one was at 10:40 saying never mind they realized that Ethan was actually there and that his paper work was incomplete. I called and informed them that we had included all the correct paper work. So a little later the school called back saying they found the missing paper work. *sigh* I'm starting to have second thoughts about this preschool and how it is run but there is only a few months left in this school year so we will see. Side note: During pick up I saw one of the kids in Ethan's soccer class also attends this preschool. I didn't have a chance to speak to the other child's mom but I'm sure I'll be see a lot of them.

Ethan was so excited from school that getting him to take a nap was challenging but finally he fell asleep.

The evening was fairly quite and just flew by.