Iced in Day 3!! Cabin Fever!

This morning we tried to venture out. The ice on the road in front of our house melted. From what we were hearing the main roads were clear. Josh and I loaded the boys up. Preston started crying as soon as we pulled out of the drive way. At the end of our street my wheels spun a couple of times before we made the turn on to a main road. There was just a couple of tire tracks that you could follow down the street with lots of ice patches in the trail. We drove to the light and the road that we could have turned on was just a solid sheet of ice so we continued on the street that we were on. The next light wasn't any better. That is when I had enough and turned around.

Josh and I had a fight I think it was really because of how frustrated that we are still stuck at home.

The afternoon was all about Play-Doh. Then we had a "picnic". Josh went outside for a second, Preston had a melt down because he wanted to go play outside. We have been keeping the boys inside because the back porch is just a solid sheet of ice.

Last night after Preston's bath I put Preston to bed. Then I went to the living room, a few minutes later I heard Josh calling for me. Preston had just walked by him. I located Preston and returned him to his crib. As soon as I put him in he climbed over the side again and dropped to the ground. Josh returned him to bed and the same thing happened. We were afraid the way that he was climbing out he was going to get hurt. We dismantled the crib and put his mattress on the floor. finally after two hours of trying to get him to stay in bed he finally went to sleep.

At midnight I was woken up to Preston handing me my glasses. This time it only took thirty minutes to get him to fall asleep but he woke up an hour later.