I'm laughing so I don't cry!!

Today was another busy day. Ethan had preschool this morning. After naps I took the boys to get their hair cut. I heard a strange noise from the rear of the car but when I got out everything looked okay. Preston really looks like Ethan now. When I was getting the videos put together there was a couple of times that I wasn't sure which one was which.

Thank goodness I thought to grab the stuff for swimming lessons because after the hair cuts it was time to pick Josh up. On the way to get Josh the noise came back. I made Josh drive and he saw the back tire wiggling. So we pulled over and he was going to change the tire but realized after he got the tire off the tire is fine. It was just coming loose. So he but the tire back on but when he brought the van down I heard another strange sound but Josh didn't hear anything. It was still making noise but not nearly as bad. We continued to swimming and called my parents to see if we could borrow one of their vehicles.

After swimming we headed over to my parents home, the noise was just getting worst. Josh pulled over again and we realized that the bolts were so loose that I could turn them with my hand. We tightened everything back up and didn't hear anything else. We still took it to the shop to see why the tire came loose and to see if there is anything else wrong with it. Yes my parents did loan us their vehicle.