Lazy Saturday!!

We had several things planned for today. What we ended up doing staying home and having a pajama day.

That isn't entirely true. Josh did get the car inspected so now I shouldn't get pulled over anymore. Josh was going to donate blood today at a special patient drive but I guess we will do that another day. For my friends at the blood bank yes we have the sponsor number! One of the teachers at Emler swim school has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. So we will donate just didn't happen today. For those who don't know my experience with donating, I didn't handle it well in the past. Okay I've only done it once and I was going to donate again but I basically had a panic attack about doing it again. I do weigh more then I did the first time around so hopefully that will make a big difference. Who knows I might go crazy and actually schedule the appointment in iWeBB.