Running in circles!!

This morning was drop Josh off at work, Ethan at school. I was prepping the house for the bug guy to come spray. Korri came over and hung out. We were comparing stories of our trials lately. She managed to cut her foot opened and needed stitches among other happenings. Next thing I knew it was time to pick Josh up and take him to swimming. Pick Ethan up from school. I dropped Ethan off at home got him eating lunch. Went running to pick up Josh from swimming and to get him back to work.

Thank goodness Korri was round so the boys could stay at home and eat and nap like normal. Okay I didn't make Ethan take a nap because I didn't know if I would have to wake him up when the bug guy got here. Turns out that we were able to stay in the house during and after the treatment. The only reason we would have had to leave was if the smell bothered us. Honestly I didn't notice any odors.

I got a call from the mechanic and it turns out the damage to the back wheels is going to cost over $300 and he hasn't even started looking at the front wheels. Once we get the finally total in I'm going to call the place that Josh got the tires rotated the last time and give them a piece of my mind and hope they pay for it.

The evening was nice. We didn't have to rush to be anywhere. It was just a relaxing-ish time playing with the boys.