Last week I figured was going to be a crazy week, I figured getting our schedule down was going to make it crazy not the weather. So this week is going to be another crazy week.

We got to soccer a couple of minutes late but they hadn't  started doing the warm ups yet. I felt so bad for Preston because during his mom and me class I was so worried about what Ethan was getting into. At one point Ethan vanished completely, He was found in the bathroom. I was super excited that Ethan went all on his own, but Preston missed a bit of his class while I was dealing with Ethan. It just made me realize how much Ethan keeps me from focusing on Preston. Now that I'm aware of the situation I can do more to make sure that I give my kids more quality time.

Ethan did great during class, he paid the most attention out of everyone.

On the way home I stopped to pick up Josh and take him to get lunch. However, I got lost on the way and ended up in The Colony. Oops. Anyways by the time I got the kids home the boys were ready for nap time. I don't know if I feel asleep or what but the next thing I know it is time for them to wake up. The afternoon was fairly quite.

After we picked Josh up from work we ran some errands.