Super Bowl Sunday!!

This morning the boys woke up excited to see their new bed. Preston even climbed out of the play yard by himself.

The boys played in their room till we made them go eat breakfast. Then it was straight back into the bedroom. Came out for lunch then tried to get the boys down. It took Preston his normal amount of time to fall asleep. Then Ethan was just about out and Preston rolled over into the wall and woke up. Josh was able to get the boys asleep for a few minutes but that was about it.

Watched Toy Story and Toy Story Two. Went to Target just after kick off for new sheets for the boys. We found the boys sheets and Ethan picked out Spider-man and Preston wanted Thomas the Train. I was like seriously Ethan has only seen Spider-man once and Preston has never seen Thomas the Train. I have no idea where their love for those characters came from.