Surgery and Swimming

Today my grandmother went to her dermatologist to have Basal cell cancer removed from her lower eyelid. We were surprised when all of her lower eyelid was removed. The doctor had to re-enter a second time to remove a little cancer that he missed the first time. After he confirmed that all the cancer had been removed, we took Grandma to the hospital for a plastic surgeon to close up the wound. The plastic surgeon used part of her upper eyelid to replace the skin for the lower eyelid. Basically my grandmother got eye lifts done to provide enough skin to replace the removed skin. She was doing great when she left the hospital this afternoon. I had to leave to pick Ethan up from school.

The boys were beyond bouncing off the walls this afternoon. On the way to pick Josh up, I realized this additional energy was from the boys falling asleep and sleeping until it just before swimming class.

Ethan didn't want to go swimming today. Once he actually got into the class he had a great time, and did really well. Preston was all smiles during his class too.

We are trying to reschedule the two classes that we missed during the bad weather from the past few weeks. This is really becoming a huge pain. Josh will be making up his class this Saturday, and Monday the boys will make up one of their classes. I just don't know when they will make up the other one. I really think that by the time we have a "normal" week; our schedules will change again.