I'm sorry that I haven't been that great about posting this week. I think I got everything caught up now. I even posted some new videos in older post. This week has been crazy and I've not had a chance to post anything. 

Thank goodness it is Friday!

I was going to take the boys to story time today. Actually one of Ethan's friends from soccer was suppose to be there. I think the boys are fighting something they picked up from the doctor's office on Monday. Poor Preston has been falling asleep on the way home from dropping Ethan to school. This morning they seemed especially tired. So I opted to stay home and just let them rest. My goodness the boys have been going full steam all week. Preston did his happy dance and started giggling when I told him it was nap time.

It was really nice not to have run to a million different places today.

While the boys were napping I got a phone call from Dallas Child magazine. They thanked me for attending the summer camp expo and then informed me that I won a family four pack to Toy Story 3 on Ice. I'm super excited because I didn't think that we would be able to go this year.

Since the boys were so good today and to bribe them to be great during dinner, I told them after dinner we would get cupcakes. Because during the day my favorite cupcake place posted on Facebook that they now have mobile vehicles and where they were. What can I say it made want one.

After having an amazing chicken chimichaga at Casa Rita's . (For my Fort Worth friends there is one over on that side of the world). We headed to Dimples for the best tasting cupcakes ever. All we found out was the Frisco location was CLOSED!!!! We were shocked. Then Josh used to phone to try to find another cupcake place. The first location was a cute little dinner but he didn't want to go in and ask for cupcakes. Then he found another place that had cupcake in it's name. However we couldn't find that place. Then we decided to go to a bakery but once we got there it had been closed for an hour. *sigh* We decided to just stop by a grocery store and pick some up. What a huge disappointment.

We were able to get Preston asleep before his sugar high hit. Unfortunately Ethan's sugar high was in full swing when it was time for him to lay down. I let him stay up about thirty minutes late. Ethan just wanted to run around and clean up the messy-mess.