Sunday, February 20, 2011

There is a camp for that!

Today we did our weekly visit to my parents'. This week Josh and I left the boys with my mom again so that we could go to Dallas Child's Project: Summer Fun.
It was an expo about summer camps that are offered, locally and out of state: like the one to Disney World. Some are local like the camps at Pump it Up. Pretty much you could find a camp for everything. There are several that Josh and I are interested in for Ethan. The only one that Preston could attend is a swimming camp where he already takes his swimming classes. Ethan's fine arts preschool also offers camps but we want to expose the boys to as many different things as possible. We found a camp to introduce Ethan to the world of paleontology, and another that teaches about the oceans. There is another place that offers a pirate camp complete with treasure hunts and a hero's camp, which are both right up Ethan's alley.

There are also some really awesome camps for when the boys get older. Did I mention the Disney camp? There are also camps dedicated to robot, Legos, etiquette, social skills, CSI (taught by a Deputy Chief from the Dallas Police Department), cooking, of course sports, and music camps.

I also discovered today there are two daily spring break camps that Ethan can attend. One is at the Dallas Zoo and the other is at Texas Discovery Gardens.

On the way back to my parents', Josh and I discussed how camps were never this awesome when we were kids. Once we got back to my parents' home, my mom was shocked to learn about camps for kids Ethan's age. The craziest part is that enrollment for the camps are all opened and filling up fast. I'm already having to plan Ethan's summer and our vacation.