We are still trying to get Preston to sleep in his new bed. I think I finally figured out why he his having problems. Preston will fall asleep on the new bed but he won't stay asleep. We can move him to the play yard and he goes to sleep and stays asleep without a problem. I'm starting to think that the mattress is just to soft for him. We are going to try putting him back on his old mattress to see if that makes a difference.

I wasn't able to really try during nap time because I couldn't keep an eye on Ethan while I was trying to get Preston to go to sleep.

This evening after a busy day I was eventually able to get Ethan and Preston to sleep in their own beds. Josh and I were super excited and celebrated by playing Wii Fit.

I messed up on the video so it is a day in review just the sequence is backwards.

The art project the boys worked on today.

I've had request for more images of the boys bed.