I still haven't hired anyone to take care of our yard. I did find someone to do part of the major spring clean up. but there where still work to be done. It has gotten to the point that we just had to do it ourselves. We got up and moving early today. The first thing that we did was set up the back yard so the boys had enough stuff to keep occupied while we were working. After we got the boys set up it looked like we were expecting to have a birthday party or something. I think we went a little over board. We set up the bounce house. Pulled out the basket ball hoop, t-ball set, soccer goal, balls, slide, sidewalk chalk, tunnel, sand table, and a picnic table. There was enough stuff to keep several kids busy. Josh and I were able to get a lot done in our yard. However there is still more to be done. There is still one flower bed that has bushes to be trimmed and there are several that just need to be cleaned out.