I figured it out!!

I have been tired for a while now. It just seems like there isn't enough sugar and caffeine to get me going. Last night I just took notes about my night time. I didn't get to be till almost midnight. Josh was still up and I didn't really fall asleep till Josh came to bed. Then about thirty minutes later Ethan showed up apparently Grover turned into a green monster that was trying to eat Ethan or something. We have a bed set up in our room in case he has a nightmare and we can't get him to go back to his bed. I put him on the bed and that wasn't good enough. I moved the mattress so that he could hold my hand. That lasted for about thirty minutes before he got back in bed with us. After a couple more attempts to get Ethan out of our bed I gave up. So I was sandwiched between Ethan and Josh and couldn't get comfortable. Eventually Ethan moved to the foot of our bed. I was finally able to get comfortable and sleep the last look at the clock was 4:30am. The next thing I know the alarm was going off to announce that it was 6:00 at least I was able to get another hour of sleep. No wonder I'm always tired.