I have discovered something very dangerous today! Running around town with one child is SO easy!!

I got an email last night that Ethan is having class/ individual pictures next week. Also my parents are going to watch the boys on Sunday while Josh runs his half marathon, and they are going to be taking them to church. Not to mention Ethan doesn't have any warm weather clothes that fit him. On Tuesday, I had picked up some play clothes but nothing nice. Today, I quest to find nice clothes for the boys and in the process my suppressed mall rat has escaped! I used to spend at least one day a week at a mall if not more. There has been many reasons the mall rat has been suppressed, mainly I haven't been happy with my clothing size. Now that I'm near my ideal weight (the last couple of weeks the scale has been moving in the wrong direction, but I'm getting back on track) I can almost fit into my ideal size! Sears is having a really good sale right now! I bought nine items for $47.64. Then Gymboree was taking an extra 20% off their clearance items!

I have been to Stonebriar mall a few times but haven't really spent a lot of quality shopping time there. While I was shopping I remembered that Barnes and Noble have a story time today, so I decided to check it out. Preston loved playing with the train table. I think the story time at the book store is geared to older children. Preston loved the cookie he got while we were there. After story time there was an art project, we were suppose to build a cat mask. I just had Preston color. I still think he is a little young for safety scissors and glue.

Then it was off to get Josh to swimming and pick Ethan up from school.

Ethan didn't want to take a nap because he wanted to build a bat cave. *sigh* Eventually he finally went to sleep. After we picked Josh up from work I told him what Ethan wanted to do during nap time. Josh that was an awesome idea. While I was working on dinner the boys built the "BAT CAVE". Which the boys loved until Ethan tried climbing on the top of it.

Then came Bat Cave 2.0.

After dinner we decided to walk to a park. Josh thought it would be a good chance to work with Ethan on riding a bike.