It is Friday!!

I'm so excited for this weekend. All of Josh's side projects are done and his big project at work is over. We actually going to get some small project around the home done.

This morning the boys woke up HYPER. They were up late last night because of the musical. They calmed down after we dropped Josh off for work. I braved going to the library with them. There was a point when I was ready to leave before story time started. I think the boys realized how frustrated I was becoming because that is when they calmed down. They did  get during story time and after wards Ethan played on the computer for a moment. That is when we saw one of the kids from his soccer class. The boys each picked out a book then we headed home. Once again they were bouncing off the walls.

After lunch they both went down for great naps. Once they woke up they were still full of energy!! Man I could be come a trillionaire if I could bottle their energy. Actually I think it would solve the worlds energy problems. Anyways, sent the boys outside to run off some of the energy.

We tried out a new cupcake place. It is more expensive and you get smaller cupcakes then Dimples. Out of the four cupcakes we got, one was okay, a couple were good, and one was great. I guess we will try it again. I would prefer Dimples if I could just get my hands on some again. It is a little difficult trying to hunt down a roach coach and hope they still have some by the time you get there.