A new baby and swimming!

Today I had a friend stop by, she is currently on maternity leave after giving birth to and adorable little boy. My boys loved seeing the little baby and were upset to see him leave. Ethan said that he wanted the little baby to always be around. Preston was upset too when the baby had to leave.

The evening we had swimming. I swam with Preston today. It has been a few weeks since I was the one in the water, I was really impressed with how much he has improved. Preston is swimming 9 seconds by himself. He loves floating on his back and going under the water. He was getting frustrated that I wasn't putting him under enough so any chance he had he jumped in the water. He had great kickers and blow great bubbles.

I didn't get to watch Ethan but according to Josh he did well during the class but after wards didn't listen and went down the slide when nobody was at the bottom to make sure he got to the side safely.

This next video is makes my stomach turn!! It was Ethan eating a cookie during dinner.