Off and running!!

*sigh* The morning started off by getting whacked in the head with a pacifier at 5:30. I put Preston in bed with us. He couldn't get comfortable so Josh took him back to his bed. Next thing we knew it was 7:30. We hit the ground running to get us out the door by 8:00. I don't know how we did it, but we were only a couple of minutes late and were able to get everyone where they needed to be on time.

After Ethan was dropped off, Preston and I did some shopping. Then home for a quick bite, and to do another load of laundry. Back to get Ethan.

Ethan was so hungry and tired when I picked him up. When I got him home he was super whinny and cranky that he wouldn't even eat. I put Preston down for a nap. Then rocked Ethan like a little baby till he calmed down. Once he calmed down he ate his entire PB&J sandwich and all of his apple sauce. Then laid down for his nap without a fight.

I should also mention that last night both boys managed to pee in their beds. Seriously what are the odds that both of them would do that on the same night? The frustrating part was Preston was in a pull-up and he took it off then used the restroom. After doing a million loads of laundry, I decided that I needed more mattress pads that fit the boys beds.

After we picked Josh up we headed to Target. Josh has an amazing ability to pick the slowest line. We ended up behind a serious couponer. Her bill started off to be $475 and some change and she ended up paying $80 something. Her savings were about $390!!!! Josh has been on board with me couponing but this was the first time he really saw what I'm trying to work towards. The cashier asked her how long it took her to prepare for the shopping trip, she responded all day. I then asked if she used any website to help her and she said no. She only gets her coupons out of the newspaper and that she did it all on her own. I feel like the gantlet has been thrown!

After dinner the boys and I did some of the activities that we do in soccer class. After we came in I had received an email that soccer tots is starting a mini soccer league. It is once a week in the evenings. I think I'll talk to the other parents to see if any of them are signing up their kids.