We are making progress!

Today we stayed at home again. This time it was because we are waiting for the contractor to come and do some repairs in the laundry/ pantry.

I was really nervous when he opened the wall, because I was afraid that my worst case scenario I was playing in my head would be true. Turns out that the damage on the wall was old and minimal. The worst part of the damage to the baseboard was being cause by a leak in the hose to our wash machine. Josh and I were glad that we had decided to not going after the previous owner. We had been also dealing with ants (that is how we found the damage) so I was also worried about being completely grossed out about all the bugs in the walls, there was no active bug activity in the walls.

I really felt like I had won the lottery because all of the news was good. I was able to start moving the food back into the pantry.