Another Monday

Josh was going to let us sleep in this morning but the boys had other ideas. They were awake before 7:00. Today in Ethan's class it was teach the parents and couch said that Preston could actually participate too. I knew that with Preston's foot that he wouldn't be able to participate for two hours. We skipped Preston's class and just went to Ethan's. A couple of the mom's from Preston's class asked what was going on so I told them that Preston hurt his foot and couldn't do soccer this week. One of the mom's in Preston's class happens to be a pediatrician so she talked to me since he was still limping.

We had lunch with Josh and a couple of his co-workers at Boca de Beppo. Ethan was cracking everyone up, with his questions and just his conversations.

The evening was shoe shopping and locating the movie Tangled in a near by Red Box to use our free rental.